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Raindrops Massage

  • 45 minutes
  • 110 US dollars
  • Camino del Rio South

Service Description

The Raindrops Massage is a powerful energy healing therapy that combines several holistic techniques that act synergistically to achieve balance and alignment of the bodv. It is based on the use of very soft. slow and fluid manual contact combined with the power of essential oils. A back massade and cleanind is bertormed which heins to remove dead cells onen the bore and facilitate the absorption of essences. These oils are dropped on the back at a height of 6 inches as if they were raindrops. By penetrating the tissues. they begin to travel through the body to detoxify, regenerate and nourish the cells, as well as to realign the spine that has been attached by the action of bacteria that have caused back problems such as scoliosis, sclerosis and chronic spinal pain 9 Essential Oils with anti-bacterial. anti-viral. anti-inflammatory. analgesic and stimulating oils are used Tea Tree: It is one of the most powerful natural antiseptics that exist. known for its antifungal. antiviral and antibacterial properties. Its ability to eliminate and prevent the development of microorganisms makes it an effective tool to strengthen the immune system Lavender: AnalgesIc, cell regenerator, sedative, helps reduce the symptoms of colds and fiu, always using the essential oil extracted from the plant. But above all it has great antiseptic power Mint: It is known for its ability to help relieve occasional stomach upset and promote healthy respiratory function Lemon: Thanks to its antiseptic action. this oil is good for treating some conditions related to the respiratory system. Cedar: Its main property is that of antiseptic. since it can be used to disinfect. Tones the skin the elimination of toxins. promotes coo circulation as wen as Juniper: It Is Ideal for relievIng joint pain, lumbago or sciatica. It has great anti-Inflammatory power. It is also a venous and vmbhatic decongestant. perfect for tired leas. hemorrhoids. etc Beraamot: It is used in cosmetic products for skin care as it is a natural antiseptic. which helps heal wounds. relieves itching controls sebum, ache and is an ally to combat lice, dandrut ana seborrhea salvia: An excellent stimulator of the nervous system. It helps both to relax in cases of nervousness and excessive stress and to combat depression and emotional weakness. It even stimulates memory and learning capacity, and strenathens us in cases of mental and emotional exhaustion.

Cancellation Policy

Must allow 24 hours to cancel appointment or deposit will be forfeited, and an additional $25 deposit will be needed to reschedule.

Contact Details

  • 2801 Camino del Rio South #205, San Diego, CA, USA


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